Hello! I'm Regina,
a Product Designer
I create seamless experiences that satisfy user needs and
exceed business goals for startups and established companies.
Work I do
I have experience in multiple design areas that are applied in every project I work on.

I gather information, make and test hypophysis, review the results, and provide solutions.

I build user interface interactions and make user-profiles and stories, CJMs, prototypes, UI designs in the process.

I present data the way it's easy to understand. I write concise texts and make simple animations.

I communicate with developers and analytics during the whole process and test the results.
Selected work
  • BAO Analytics Platform
    Develop a solution that allows ingest and align multiple datasets from various sources.
  • BAO Systems Website
    Redesign the BAO Systems website to fit the new brand identity and present better products and solutions.
  • BidOn
    Create engagement tools for streamers to connect with viewers and provide a variety of sources for streamers' income.
About me
"The best way to change future is to design it."
As a Product Designer, I worked on mostly web and mobile applications. I created and supported complex long-term projects as well as designed and launched small applications for startups.

I leverage research, data, and technology to design products and experiences for others. I embrace the usage of different design frameworks and agile practices in design and development.
I communicate easily in and between teams. I work closely with managers, analytics, and engineers to help design and ship products.

Currently, I live in London, UK. I used to live in Russia, Indonesia, and Portugal. For the past several years, I've been working equally in the office and remotely.

In a free time, I like making Youtube videos, practicing yoga and surfing, taking long walks with my dog, and practicing ukulele playing.
Design Process
  • Establish Business & User Needs
    • Survey the client to uncover the business goals
    • Communicate with the client about the needs of the user
    • Explore the needs and wants of the user
    • Research competitors in the market
    • Gather resources to carry out the project
    • Sketch out rough ideas
    • Communicate with a developing team to understand the technical resources available
    • Draft a scope to determine milestones that align with the goals and fit within the budget, deadline and technical resources
  • UX Design
    • Break down the epic into smaller, actionable goals
    • Research established UX patterns for achieving a similar goal
    • Uncover edge cases by building personality and intent around each type of user
    • Create journey maps and user flows to determine how to complete goals
    • Wireframe various states for each wireframe ex. empty filled, logged in, error
    • Collaborate with developers to determine any technical constraints related to the functionality
  • Visual Design
    • Explore visual design patterns
    • Research framework and/or guidelines if necessary
    • Experiment with different styles, colors and typography most suited to the needs
    • Transform the wireframes into high fidelity mockups
    • Generate a consistent UI kit for reusable components
    • Generate guidelines to help engineers understand visual properties such as size, style, positioning and motion
  • Prototyping & Testing
    • Determine the start, processing and end state for each action
    • Build interactive prototypes for the client and engineers to demonstrate motion, feedback, state and context
    • Collaborate with developers to determine any technical constraints related to the visuals
    • Finalize assets for handover to developers
    • Test and review after development delivery
What people say about working experience with me
I worked with Regina on several products, from very small one-page services like Kudobox to big specialized CRM like Workshop Butler. For many years I have seen her growth as a very talented and capable UI designer. She is open-minded, pro-active and creative. She came with a critical mindset to my ideas and always challenged them to bring the best experience to users. Regina is a good team player and collaborator. If she joins you, you'll definitely see an increase in the team dynamic and improved quality of your products.
Sergey Kotlov
Founder of Workshop Butler
I've worked with Regina in some projects and it's being a pleasure to be side by side with her, she is very willing to share her knowledge and apply it with a very positive attitude and enthusiasm to deliver quality work. She is super competent in what she does, works fast and has a very knee eye for design and a sharp mind to make the right questions and understand user needs. I have learned a lot from her and her motivation and attitude are an inspiration for those around her.
Luis Matheo
Product Manager at BAO Systems
I worked with Regina on several product projects and I was always impressed by her extensive UX and UI knowledge. She can understand and deconstruct highly complex problems quickly, always pointing out the relevant aspects and questions. She expresses her points in a very clear way, contributing a lot to the overall team understanding and that is reflected in the delightful product experiences she delivers as well. Always positive and available to help. I really hope our paths cross again in the future.
Xavier Martins
Product Designer at BAO Systems
Let's Connect
Feel free to reach out for collaborations or just a friendly hello ✋
+44 772 459 4555
London, UK