BAO Website
My role
As a Product Designer at BAO Systems, I was responsible for creating the website design from scratch, by gathering requirements, making prototypes and visuals, communicating with managers and developers, and testing the results.
Product Designer (me)
Brand Visual Designer
Project Manager
Business Development Manager
Content creator
Engineering team
March - August 2020
The challenge

Redesign the BAO Systems website to fit the new brand identity and present company values, products, and solutions.
When the new brand logo, colors, and ideology was established, I started working on improving the BAO Systems website to reflect the new image. I began by mapping current website problems.
Main problems of an old website
Lack of information, mainly on products and solutions
The majority of the company products weren't present on the website, as well as there was a lack of information on solution tools and service.

Short browsing sessions and 60% bounce rate from the front page
There were little cross-links between pages as well as little information on the main page.
Step 01. Mapping the structure
The first thing I did was mapping the structure of the new website, to visualize how navigation can be grouped and what relations need to be established.
Step 02. Creating prototypes to give the idea about the content organization
The next step was creating a prototype to visualize and finalize the structure of each page based on the draft content. That helped a lot to content writers to see how the information will be displayed. After that, I and the visual designer started working on the final website look.
Step 03. Finalizing the visuals and preparing the document for developer hand-off
After establishing all the content and visual materials, I created an Invision prototype and Developers hand-off document for a company that was selected to develop the website on WordPress.
04. Testing the website
After the development was done, there was a month of thorough testing of the new UI with bug reporting and retesting.
We created a website that represents new BAO Systems identity, that tell's the story of what company does and what it stands for.
Decreased bouncing rate
Bouncing rate went down from 60% to 45%
Increased session browsing
From 2 pages per session to 2.4 and from 1:24 to 2:32 minutes per session
What's learned and what's next
During the first month of using the website and growing demand for new content, it was decided to rethink the events page since it wasn't performing ideally as well as create a blog posts page, to facilitate the new marketing team initiative.