Nebula Design System

At the BAO Systems part of company business is developing applications for DHIS2 platform as well as bringing better client experience with BAO Systems's products. We needed a solution that allowed to have a good outcome regardless of the platform. The initial idea was to have a collection of reusable components, guided by clear principles, that can be combined together to create as simple and as complex experiences, as needed.
Role & Duration

Product Designer | BAO Systems
Research, Information Architecture, Interaction, Visual design & testing

Team: 3 designers & 2 frontend developers
Mar 2019 - Current

The challenge
Getting everyone onboard
A Design System is not a one-man job and to succeed you need everyone on board.

Planning & Priority
We constantly had problem of time allocation between working on our Design System and enhancing the application and planning and prioritizing our tasks is imperative.
Laying the foundation
This system is based largely on the principles of atomic design. The key idea behind this methodology being small, independent - atomic - parts, can be combined into larger molecular structures.
Cloud Manager app and DHIS2 Complexity Score app made using the Nebula design system
Bringing it all together
We collected all components in a sketch master file, which we referred to throughout the design process. We started organizing individual components into categories like Navigation, Cards, Content, Image, etc. Currently, we are in the process of creating an internal website to document the system that can be used by both the developers and designers.