Tableau Connector

Tableau Connector is a web application that allows transferring data from DHIS2 types of instances to Tableau. The application can be accessed through the Tableau app data connector.
Role & Duration

Product Designer | BAO Systems
Research, Information Architecture, Interaction, Visual design, Testing

Team: 5 people
Jun – Oct 2019

The challenge
DHIS2 platform provides some data visualization tools, but they are not as flexible as Tableau app can provide. Clients at BAO Systems required some way that allow transfer the data from their instances to Tableau application.
User Interviews
I, in pair with a Project Manager, held three user interviews. We didn't have much access to many actual clients, but it was enough to define user pain points.

For the users, it was important to be able to filter data, mainly because the amount of data clients have is enormous, and it would've taken a long time to import it.

Another discovered issue was in the ability to run the same import over again since users were using this data to form regular reports.
User Interface

The application is ran through the Tableau app browser. Application is made to fit in default sizes of opened window.

Data selection

Filtering process for data import starts with data selection.
Data search "on fly"

The search is looking for data inside of the data tree.


Showcasing all the filters after data selection.
Showing history of imports

Added ability to quickly import query modification.

The built application covered only the primary goal
The second part of the application, where users can re-run queries, was never built Due to limitations in time and development resources.
Successfully used Nebula Design System
Tableau Connector was a first application using Nebula Design System. The benefits of using it were tangible when BAO Systems went through a rebranding, and the whole application was rebranded with one click.